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We don't want the mundane, and average is certainly not us. Our team have infectious enthusiasm running through their veins and you would be no different.

We all have one life and we believe you should enjoy every moment of it. If you don't love what you do, go and find something you do. And don't phone us.


Everyone has their part to play on the journey to success. Working together and helping others is a huge part of our culture.

We know we can't win the race until everyone crosses the finish line, so we work together as a team until that happens. Supporting colleagues is second nature and working together is as fundamental as breathing.


Openness breeds trust, innovation and growth. At ten80 an open or learning mindset is key. It allows ideas to be shared, opinions challenged, and insight sought.

Ultimately the more open and transparent we are, in good times and bad, the better human beings we become.

What does it mean to work for ten80?

“At ten80 you are treated like a person, not just another employee. This is reflected in the benefits and how management approaches the team, inviting collaboration and ideas. The environment is fun, and challenges you with a fast pace and ingenuity around every corner, which is awesome. If you apply yourself, you'll go somewhere, ten80 is a fantastic place to be.”
David Elliston
Business Advisor, ten80
“The energy of the whole team is infectious, every person working to achieve a common goal, and completing any and all tasks required to a very high standard. Personality and enthusiasm are valued highly here, I love working for a customer obsessed group, who each bring their whole self to work every day. ten80 is full to the brim with innovation and character.”
Sarah Sutton
Chief of Staff, ten80
“Working for ten80 is fantastic! The work is varied and the team focused and fun to work alongside. If you want a company that gives back for the effort you put in you wouldn't need to look much further than ten80!”
Cindy Slaughter
Sales Support Executive, ten80
“For me, the empowering, supportive and fun-loving atmosphere at ten80 makes this a great place to be. There are no barriers to what you can accomplish here. The technical projects are impactful, interesting and diverse. Creativity and experimentation are encouraged. The open and collaborative environment is great for innovation, and you truly feel your input and ideas matter. Working alongside such accomplished and talented professionals as part of a tight-knit, purpose-driven team is highly motivating.”
Garth Heuchert
Back End Developer, ten80

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