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The Exponential Organisation – staffing on demand

Staffing on Demand, by definition, is the ability to act quickly and flexibly from a staffing perspective, in a fast-changing world.
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In the first post of this mini-series I want to explore one of key components behind Salim Ismail‘s book Exponential Organisations.

If you haven’t read it, it is highly recommended and lays out what it takes to create an organisation that grows at an exponential rate. All business leaders should use it as a backbone for growth! The concept is that there are 11 factors featuring in organisations that grow at exponential rates.  Staffing on Demand is one of these and resonates heavily with ten80.

Leverage the style of workforce, capitalise on geography, market availability, emerging skills

Staffing on Demand, by definition, is the ability to act quickly and flexibly from a staffing perspective, in a fast-changing world. Contracting – for want of a better word. Regardless of industry, all ExO’s leverage external contractors. They operate by outsourcing as many tasks as possible, rather than maintaining a large full-time workforce. This allows companies to fill expertise gaps quickly, shift focus and skills in haste if required, and shrink and grow a workforce in terms of volume. Furthermore, through the addition of new staff and team members, the flow of constant fresh ideas will be stimulated.

Organisations that leverage this style of workforce capitalise on geography, market availability, emerging skills, including pockets where these skills reside. They also capitalise on exchange / global market rates in the process. They are able to pull together highly skilled teams with little to no notice and drive an outcome for their business.

All that sounds like something every organisation would like… correct?

The limiting factor in relation to this, is accessing this concept. The staffing marketplaces have barriers by their very nature. Knowing where to look, how to attract the right talent for your requirement and certifying any claims or the qualifications of an individual is important. But so to is the selection and hiring and physically putting them to work wherever they are in the world.

These are all challenges that need to be overcome and they are no mean feat. And, as yet, many of them rely on a lot of manual effort and processing (and to a degree, luck).

The limiting factor is that companies don’t know what they don’t know.

Highly ‘standard skillsets’

Those that have succeeded on this pillar have often done so with highly ‘standard skillsets’ that are widely available globally and can be accessed easily via some of the social channels or via their own internal global footprint (e.g. an office in the locality of the talent.) However, a challenge still exists within the niche or emerging skills as well as for the slightly smaller companies wanting to leverage this space. Where would you go, if geography was of no consideration, to find the world’s best expert in blood diamonds, or quantum computing? Google is most people’s answer. Whilst incredible, it would take hours of research, investigation and qualification until you felt comfortable finding and selecting the ‘best team’. Even then, you are faced with the challenge of talent acquisition, remuneration and physically connecting the dots.

Again, no mean feat for any company!

A majority manual process

You will be heavily influenced by marketing during this process, and for this reason, genuine qualification proves difficult. Ultimately, even for the best in the world, it is still a majority manual process, an educated guess perhaps, with limited innovation helping facilitate this process. Despite this, it is still an absolute necessity and will keep resourcers and/or HR managers gainfully occupied for some time yet!

The challenges above, are part of the reason why we created ten80. Our goal is to globally connect all SAP customers with all worldwide contractors and freelancers. We give SAP customers the power and transparency to ask for help, assist the evaluation of contractors via AI, help them select the right person and then choose the right person for their requirement – all within the ten80 platform.

Staffing on demand just became a reality for the SAP ecosystem. 

Next we will take a look at Community and Crowds.

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