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How to overcome 3 big IT Procurement challenges

Regardless of which industry you reside, procurement in IT Projects & Service Delivery functions has never been more challenging, especially with COVID-19 and the inability to travel. There seems to be little light at the end of the tunnel!
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Managing company-wide spend while applying appropriate procurement policies is a challenge for many companies, in many sectors.  Here are 3 ways which you can adopt to mitigate risk and improve.

Increase speed of hiring

Old 1980’s supply chain processes, still being used today, are producing a logistical nightmare for project and operational delivery managers, shared service providers and procurement specialists, which ultimately create a delay in accessing global skilled talent pools.

Increasing business challenges are forcing them to increase hiring speed, mobilisation of resources more efficiently, enabling simpler recruitment with improved budget control and faster decision making.

Time to market / scale

Inflexible HR polices, fixed locations and traditional office hours do not suit most freelance consultants, especially with Covid-19.  A company needs to be agile enough to mobilise new teams and scale operations up or down to adapt to changing business requirements.

Managing a remote and mobile workforce means quickly providing the right collaboration tools and secure technologies to ensure that they can honour their deliverables. 

Cost Reduction

Companies need to be seen to reduce their operational costs, reducing the cost of training, onboarding, employee benefits, office space, facilities, and overall administration.

In summary

IT Procurement should be aligned to a company’s overall strategic plan, with an integrated approach of utilising innovation and achieving growth.

The ten80 digital platform connects companies with a global on-demand workforce, providing immediate access to a subject matter expert with a speedy automated onboarding capability. The robust administration system helps companies manage their contingent workforce.

With the belief that outcome-based delivery should be at the heart of all business, the ten80 platform delivers a connected workforce – linking every SAP client with every SAP contractor globally. The ten80 marketplace allows SAP clients to raise outcome-based work requests and the global contractor workforce bid to fulfil the outcome. The marketplace guides contractor selection with some clever algorithms (so clients get the perfect expert) and, on selection/award of work, the marketplace opens a secure link between contractor and client to allow the contractor to complete their task. The platform takes care of all of the admin and on completion invoices and bills are sent to each party respectively.

Click here to see a a high-level product video on why we created the ten80 platform.


Written by

Mark Connelly

Chief Operations Officer


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