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5 ways to attract high quality talent to your SAP project

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Technology is the salient area in any enterprise's response to the global pandemic. As Juergen Meuller, SAP’s CTO, stated in a recent Forbes article:  “If we learn anything from this crisis, it’s that companies who have digitally transformed are doing fine – or better – than other companies who face severe challenges”. 

A business and the technology it is built on have a symbiotic relationship.  One cannot exist without the other.  The two need to exist in harmony or the business will fail.  Because of this, technology projects are critical work, and the impact that this work can have on the entire organisation could be positive or negative, transformative or catastrophic. 

The person responsible for staffing their SAP projects in any business needs to know that the person on the task has the correct technical skills for the role, but also that they have good communication and the right attitude to work.  How do you know if the person working on your task is someone who will walk on burning coals to ensure the job is done, and done on time?  

My colleagues and I have been living, breathing and sleeping SAP projects for many years now, and we understand how critical it is to get the right people to do this crucial work. Here are 5 ways to ensure you are attracting high quality talent for your technology projects: 

1. Create a compelling emotional vision 

All programmes need to have a compelling reason for being. Not just financial, or efficiency, or some other kind of process improvement. That’s boring. Yes, of course it needs to make sense financially/operationally, but you make people drawn to your vision of the future. Your ‘Why’. Create excitement on what you are doing. How you are doing it. Why it’s an amazing project and what they will feel like whilst working on this amazing vision. Then create the emotional vision of completion – imagining the company post project, when this amazing transformation has occurred. The goal is to get people drawn to you, then you won’t have to chase and will get your pick of the best. 

2. Enable remote working 

Technology projects require deep focus, so by utilising a remote workforce you know that they are not getting distracted by the office politics, commuting hassle, or any events which may disrupt time spent completing your project.... a global pandemic for example!  This has an upside of cost saving too, less office space required, and contract workers do not require equipment or time-consuming onboarding tasks. 

3. Use the contingent workforce 

Some projects are large and complicated, and some are small and simple (if the person doing them has the correct skills).  You don’t always need an in-house person for a project, you can pay for what you need, when you need it.  Find contractors who will work with you this way and you can build a trusted relationship with them as much as any full-time employee, and this will save you money, time and you’ll have the confidence your project is in safe hands, rather than recruiting dead wood. 

4. Use the global marketplace 

If you are looking at remote, contingent workers, then you are also freeing yourself from the constraints of hiring limitations by geography.  You can recruit the skills you need from countries all over the world.  Christian Klein, the SAP boss himself, recently warned of Europe not having the pipeline of talent required to compete with other continents.  Why not use the ‘best in the world’, not just the ‘best in organisation’? Using the global workforce also opens better market rates, leading to financial savings.   

5. Ensure your IT project budgets are centrally managed 

By managing your budgets centrally, rather than Roger managing one relationship and Amanda managing another, you can keep tight control over finances and achieving more results by improvements to project delivery.  With £470 million of failed SAP projects occurring last year, having a clear idea of market rates and a central strategy can save a business enormous amounts, and the savings from increased efficiencies are also substantial. 

If the above has struck a chord, as it has with ten80s clients, we’d be delighted to talk more about the benefits of working together through our digital marketplace.  2020 has been a year of turbulence and uncertainty, and we want to focus all our efforts to ensure our clients have resilient businesses, by accessing the best resources for all their technology project needs.   

If you would like to read more, our CEO recently published a white paper covering SAP in a recession, which you can download here for free. 

Written by

Mark Connelly

Chief Operations Officer


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