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SAP and ten80

Covid-19, a global problem

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, ten80 have partnered with SAP to offer £430m worth of free licences to help you manage your workforce and rebuild your business.
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For teams

SAP customers will be able to reduce the cost of resources within 24 hours – without compromising on the quality of their SAP projects
Companies will have the vehicle to assist furloughed SAP-skilled people get work – no matter how big or how small the contract.

For projects

SAP projects can continue – while improving the overall ROI on their SAP investments
New projects can start on a digital basis – contributing to digital transformation agendas

Who are ten80

ten80 enables SAP customers to deliver outcomes by connecting the best possible SAP resources for any programme/ project or support, from anywhere in the world, for any period, at market-driven prices. We also provide the means for SAP contractors to find appropriate work anywhere in the virtual world.

Being an SAP build partner, we offer a truly digital solution, making us an outlier in the digital transformation journey.

We provide an Uber type experience for service delivery.


How it works

Clients post outcome based work requests on the platform. Algorithms offer that work to a specific group of contractors - targeted by skills, profiles and capabilities. Those contractors bid on the work. You select your preferred contractor and a secure link connects both parties together.

Access to a global on tap workforce means paying for contractors only when needed.  We have 47,000 verified SAP resources on our platform waiting to answer your call.



Transforming the way the world works

Our unique platform has already transformed performance for global businesses and for the world's contractors.

So far businesses building teams of experts through ten80 have saved an average of 42% on their annual contractor costs, whilst contractors benefit from selling services directly and working from anywhere. 

Are you ready to join the revolution?


“Helping businesses recover from Covid-19, innovating whilst doing so.”

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